Recenzja gry Polowanie na mordercę: najbardziej imponująca gra detektywistyczna

If you’ve always been a fan of true crime and want to enter the mind of a real killer, this murder mystery subscription box is exactly what you need to get your blood pumping.

Hunt a Killer is an immersive crime story that slowly unfolds month to month, in a form of a subscription box. You don’t have to be a murder mystery junkie to be able to enjoy this new experience.

Still, for those who are having second thoughts about subscribing and are wondering whether or not it’s worth the cost, this Hunt a Killer review is for you!

Kategorie Polowanie na mordercę
Year Founded 2016
Designers/Founders: Ryan Hogan and Derrick Smith
Player Count: 1 + (although we don’t recommend playing with more than 6 members in a team)
Recommended Age: 14+ years
Play Duration: 90 minutes to 3 hours to complete (depending on your skill level)
Cost: Starts at $30 per month*
Main Characteristics:
  • Murder mystery
  • Subscription box
  • Deduction game
  • Detective game
Game Seasons:
  • Empty Faces: The Mine
  • Earth Break: Sci-Fi Mystery Box Set (Season 1&2)
  • Empty Faces The Woods: Paranormal Mystery Box Set
  • Class of ‘98: Mystery Killer Box Set
  • Moon Summit
  • Starstruck: Detective
  • Initiation: Serial Killer Puzzle
  • Hunt a Killer: Blair Witch Season 1
  • Vindication: Murder Mystery
  • Curtain Call (Current Season, 2021)

*Prices as of July 2021.

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