Recensione del gioco da tavolo Clue: un gioco divertente e impegnativo per tutta la famiglia

Se siete alla ricerca di un gioco divertente e impegnativo per tutta la famiglia, allora Indizio Questo gioco da tavolo esiste dal 1950, quindi non c'è da stupirsi che sia ancora popolare. Lo scopo del gioco è scoprire chi ha ucciso il signor Boddy esplorando le diverse stanze della sua villa. Si può giocare con un massimo di 6 giocatori alla volta!

Rilascio 7 ottobre 2017
Giocatori 3-6
Età 8+
Categoria Gioco di carte
Marchio Gioco Hasbro
Paese di origine STATI UNITI D'AMERICA
Dimensioni dell'articolo LxLxH 1,61 x 10,51 x 10,51 pollici

Panoramica e tema

Clue is a fun board game for all ages. It’s simple enough to be enjoyed by kids while also being challenging enough for adults too! This mystery board game can accommodate up to six people at once, so it makes the perfect party or family night activity.

Ottimo per tutte le età
Facile da giocare
Great for parties and family nights
A fun and exciting board game that everyone will enjoy
None! This family-friendly board game is great for all ages

Meccanica e regole

The rules are pretty easy – you roll two dice and move around Mr. Boddy’s mansion. The first player to reach the end of the board is declared the winner!

A great aspect about this game is that everyone gets a chance to play detective and choose who they think committed murder or how Mr. Boddy was killed – there are six different rooms in which you can move.

This makes for some fun discussion as players try to figure out who is the killer! This game also brings about great problem-solving skills as you try to figure out different ways of figuring out what happened.

Gameplay: complessità e rigiocabilità

The game is fairly easy to understand once you get the hang of it, but there are some complex strategies involved with figuring out who the killer is. This makes for a great challenge as well! Another perk about this board game is that there’s no limit on how many times you can play – every time will be different depending on which room Mr. Boddy is killed in and who you choose as the killer!

Clue Review: Components and Setup

This game includes a board, six colored tokens, nine dice in three different colors (two of each color), several cards with the characters’ names and pictures on them, a small notebook to write down your deductions about who committed murder. There are also “WRONG” and “NO ANSWER” spaces so players can keep track of where everyone is.

Qualità dell'opera d'arte e dei componenti

The game includes some really great artwork that makes it very aesthetically pleasing to look at while you’re playing. The tokens are simple enough, but the board is made from a solid material which definitely gives this product an edge over others – no flimsy cardboard here!

Linea di fondo

This is a great family game for all ages. The rules are fairly simple to understand, but there are still some challenges involved due to the complex strategies needed in order to figure out who committed murder! This makes for an excellent party or family night activity – we highly recommend it!

Facile da giocare
Opere d'arte e componenti
A fun family board game made for up to six people. The rules are easy enough for kids but there's still a challenge involved as players try to solve the mystery of Mr. Boddy's murder.

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