How to Play Risk: Board Game Rules

Il rischio is a board game that requires players to conquer their opponents. Players must use strategy and cunning to take over the world map by force, diplomacy, or other means necessary. The first player with no control of any territories on the board loses the game. This blog post will cover how to play Risk!

Vincere (o perdere) la partita

Risk can be won or lost depending on a player’s strategy. Sometimes, Risk is played as a team game where players work together to defeat their opponents and the first team with no more territories loses. In other cases, Risk becomes an individual competition between two people who seek world domination!

When playing individually, the object of the game is to capture all of your opponent’s territories. This is done by moving military pieces around the board and conquering its territories through attacking with tanks, soldiers, or other means necessary!

Risk can also be played as a team game. One strategy many players use in this case is to conquer one continent at a time instead of spreading out across the board. If players work together, they can divide up the continents and conquer them one at a time. The object of Risk should be stated at the beginning of each game to avoid confusion!

Panoramica della scheda

Risk comes with many cards that are used to aid players in their conquests. This includes bombs, nukes, and other special abilities! The top of the card states where it can be played on the board. Players usually place these cards near countries they want to conquer next. Some Risk cards allow players to swap pieces or move without using their armies.

Players can also buy special cards that give them more armies or move pieces on the board without using their turn! This is useful when players are low on troops and need to quickly get back into the game.

A player can receive these cards by attacking certain territories, winning battles against other countries, or even buying them with money at some points in the game!

The bottom of the card gives more information about what it can do. For example, one card allows players to move an army without using their turn and another card allows a player to overthrow any country on the board with just two armies! Risk cards come in many different varieties so be sure to read them carefully before you play!

Le fasi del gioco

The Risk board comes with a number of different phases that players must follow in order to keep the game going smoothly!

The Build Phase

This is the first phase of a turn in Risk. In this phase, players add new armies to their territories or build on weaker pieces they own. This includes newly conquered countries and places where there is only one army left! Players can also buy cards from this point if they have enough money. If playing as a team, each player chooses their own territories to build upon.

If playing the game individually, players can choose which countries they want to conquer next in this phase. This is where strategy really comes into play!

Players should consider how much money their opponent has and what cards they have before deciding on a course of action. In some cases, it might be beneficial for a player to skip this phase if they have a lot of money and few armies to work with!

The Attack Phase

In the attack phase, players can use any armies from their territories or newly built pieces. This is where most battles take place in Risk. When attacking another country, each player must roll six-sided dice to determine who has the higher number and therefore, wins. When a player loses an attack, they lose one of their pieces to that country. If it is just a single army piece left in a territory, players can choose if they want to keep attacking with this piece or give up on conquering that place for now!

The Card Phase

In the Risk card phase of a turn, players may use any cards they have in their hands to aid them. This can include swapping pieces on the board or moving without using armies! It is important for players to know which cards they have before begun this phase because some Risk cards are more powerful than others and can completely change the outcome of a battle.

After each player has completed their turn, it is time to put all of the armies back where they belong. This includes pieces that were lost during battles and any cards used by players!

Players get a chance to add new armies from territories or newly built places at this point also. After doing so, each player draws four more cards into their hands if they have less than six at this point.

This phase of the game is extremely important because it determines how many pieces each player has left! If a player runs out, they will need to give up on conquering certain countries until their next turn comes around again. This means that if players are low on armies at any point in time during Risk, they should consider skipping the card phase and drawing extra cards at the end of each turn instead because running out is a very real possibility!

The Reinforcement Phase

After all, players have finished their turns, it is time to add more troops. If playing as a team, every player picks up their armies and puts them back in territories they own. This means that players should make sure they have picked up every single army first before doing this! If a player forgets to pick up an army, it is considered lost and will not be able to be used for the rest of the game.

The End Phase

In the Risk end phase, each territory’s armies are counted by adding all pieces together. This means that if a player has one army in every country they own, the number will be five. If a player only manages to conquer some of their countries with armies and not others, this is okay!

The important thing is having at least one piece on each territory so players can count up all of these pieces.

During this phase of the game, players should make sure they know how many armies each player has. The person with the highest number wins and is declared the winner of Risk! If playing as a team, it doesn’t matter if one partner’s total is higher than another; whoever ends up with the most pieces on territories will win over their opponents.

How to Play Risk

Risk is a board game where players are essentially trying to conquer the world by taking over territories and eliminating their opponent’s armies. The first person or team to have all of the countries conquered in turn order wins! To learn how to play Risk, consider reading through these rules before starting!

Step One: Setting up the Board

The first step to playing Risk is setting up the board. Players will need a large table where they can fit all of their pieces and cards on it as well as some space for each player’s card pile!

Only use one side of the board when playing this game because players will only be using half at a time! Each side of the board is completely different, meaning that players will have to choose a different strategy depending on which one they are using.

The first step in setting up Risk involves deciding where the territories and armies go! Start by placing all of these pieces face-down on each territory so no player can see what country belongs there until it has been conquered.

After the armies are placed, players need to choose which side of the board they want to use! This will determine how each country is managed and allows players to develop a unique strategy right off of the bat. The Risk game comes with two different maps; one features 42 territories while another has 43. Players should compare these boards before choosing to see which one they want!

Step Two: Shuffling the Cards

The next step in playing Risk is shuffling all of the cards. After doing so, each player draws four more cards into their hand if they have less than six at this point. They should then place these extra cards face-down on their card pile and continue drawing until they have four cards in their hand. The player who goes first should take two of these cards and place them face-down on the bottom of their card pile before play begins!

Step Three: Choosing a Starting Player

The next step is choosing which player will go first using whatever method you decide to use for your group! The player who goes first in Risk is given control of all the armies for Europe, Asia, and Africa at the beginning. The other two players will start off with one army each in North America to keep them even.

Step Four: Taking Turns

The next step in playing Risk involves taking turns! Each turn should be done clockwise around the table with each player moving one piece at a time. If the armies are on the same territory, players will roll two dice to determine which army moves forward first or if they both move together!

Step Five: Attacking

If you land in an opponent’s country, your turn is over and it becomes their turn for that territory unless you have a card that allows you to attack. Players can choose which piece they want to attack with, but they cannot use more than one army per turn or move more armies into another country before their opponent has had a chance at attacking them back!

Step Six: Capturing Countries

Players will have to capture as many countries as possible by eliminating their opponent’s armies and taking over all of the territories in that country. Each player will take turns attacking until both players agree to stop or one person has no more pieces left!

Step Seven: Conquering Countries

When a player takes over an entire country, they get to attack again with whatever piece is currently on that territory as well as the piece that they just conquered! This means players can capture up to four pieces in one turn.

Step Eight: Moving a Fallen Piece

If a player has fallen or been eliminated from a country, their armies will go back to where they came from when play returns to them on this particular territory. If there are no more pieces left to return to that territory, these armies are then sent back into their card pile!

Step Nine: Building an Army

The final step in playing the Risk board game is building an army if you have enough cards. Place one of your four pieces on top of a face-down card from your deck and keep it there until someone attacks you! If you have five cards with the same number, players can use those as a wild card to build an army on their turn.

Step Ten: Discarding

If a player takes over another country and has no more armies or pieces left to move forward that turn, they must discard one of their cards from their pile. Players should always have four cards in their hands unless they choose to discard another piece!

Step Eleven: Drawing

Once all of the pieces are off of the board, players can take back up to four more cards into their hands. This will allow them to continue doing damage by attacking other territories instead of sitting and waiting for others to make a move! Once all of the cards have been used, that round is over and players will continue to take turns attacking each other until only one player remains!

Step Twelve: End of Game

The game ends when either two armies remain or no more countries are on the board for any given territory. The person with the highest number remaining at this point wins the game!


Of course, Risk is just a game. The best way to play the game is with family or friends! Play it in different ways and see which version you like best. At its core, Risk remains an exciting board game where players use strategy to gain power over their opponents’ territories! Try playing risk today for fun competitive gameplay!

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