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Board games have exploded in popularity in the last few years, and they’re more popular than many people think (did you know that board games outsell video games in the US?)

That popularity has created a new generation of board game enthusiasts, and DiceGlory is here to help. Our mission is to be the best source of independent information about board games, so that any board game player — no matter how new to the hobby — can feel like they’re part of a growing community.

Sobre Mike Parsley

Sou Mike Parsley, um aspirante a designer de jogos, e revisor de jogos de tabuleiro. Adoro jogar jogos de tabuleiro, e adoro falar sobre eles. É aqui que vou partilhar as minhas opiniões sobre jogos que adoro, jogos que odeio, ou ocasionalmente até mesmo jogos que não compreendo.

I was a late bloomer with board games. I’ve been a fan for just over a year now, but I’ve been a gamer my whole life. In fact, I didn’t discover the joy of board games until I was in college. I was a pretty isolated kid, and my social skills weren’t all that developed. I had a few friends from school and a few more through the church youth group, but I was pretty lonely. In my youth, I was into all those typical things that teenage boys are into, but I really had no idea who I was. My mother kept trying to get me into the family business, and I really had no interest in that. Board games become my way of venting my frustrations about the work my mother was trying to get me to do. Board games still a place where I could be myself and just do things I liked doing.

Existem numerosos websites e blogs dedicados ao tema, mas creio que há necessidade de uma comunidade profissional que possa fornecer tanto entretenimento como conteúdo para os entusiastas dos jogos que não têm a certeza de como começar, bem como para o veterano endurecido que quer partilhar alguma da sua experiência duramente conquistada.