Revisão do Jogo da Máfia: Um Guia para o Cultivo da Máfia Épica

It’s a well-known fact that the Mafia game is one of the most popular games in recent years. There are many reasons for this, but surely one of them has to be how much fun it is. However, if you want to get the maximum benefit from your Mafia game experience, you need to make sure that you have all the information necessary for success! In this article, we will take a look at some key points about what makes playing an epic review so great as well as some other important pieces of advice and tricks that will really help you out when playing!

Categoria Jogo de cartas
Tempo de jogo 10 to 30 mins
Jogadores 5-10
Idade 13 years and up
Fabricante Apostrophe Games

Visão Geral e Tema

The game Mafia is an interesting party game that simulates a situation where players are divided into two teams. The mafia team has to kill people who are not part of the mafia family while the rest have to find out who among them belongs to this group and eliminate it. This process continues until all members on one side die or they win by killing everyone in their enemy’s camp through voting at night time when there is no way for anyone else but the dead person to hear what happens.


In the party version, players are divided into two groups and take turns being either a member of the Mafia or one from another group. The members of this organization have to kill as many people as they can in order for them to win while those who aren’t part of it try killing these Mafiosi before they do that on their own side.

The game is a lot of fun and can easily get everyone involved in the action. It also encourages teamwork, strategies, and memory skills because you have to remember who belongs to which group for this type of play.

Really fun for big groups of people
Full instructions and great artwork on the cards too
The cards are made of quality material as well
Players of all ages can do it
Recommend a minimum of 7 players

Mecânica e Regras

The game is best played with five to ten players, but it’s not limited by the number of people that can play.

It also works well as a two-player game because there are different roles available for each character. This means you won’t have any downtime while waiting for your turn!

The object of the Mafia is to kill off all members of other teams before they eliminate yours and win the game by having only one person left standing (the Godfather). To start, everyone must take their respective character cards and sit in a circle so no one knows who anyone else is except themselves – this makes it harder for enemies to figure out who’s on what team.

Players take it in turns to do actions. You can perform two types of action: night or day. During the ‘night’, players have their eyes closed and cannot see what happens – this is when characters are killed off! The Godfather opens his eyes during this time so he knows who was killed off by Mafia members (who make up a secret team) but everyone else has their eyes shut tight because they could be mafia too…

During the ‘day’ period, players open their eyes and choose someone to lynch – if there aren’t enough people alive for voting then no one gets lynched. If you get voted as guilty you’re eliminated from the game; otherwise, your turn continues until either all other remaining players vote guilty or you decide to pass. You can also talk during the day and night – only the mafia will know who is talking, though!

Gameplay: Complexity and replayability

The game is simple enough to learn, but it’s packed with many roles so you’ll never know what’s going on. You have the Godfather who can decide during night whom to kill off and no one will notice because they are closed-eyed!

There are also bodyguards that protect their owners from being killed by mafia members as well as police officers that watch for suspicious behaviour – if your character gets lynched then everyone else is safe until the next day/night cycle only unless there are only two players left in which case they battle out between them. It may not seem like much at first glance, but this type of gameplay is really complex and full of strategy opportunities.

This makes things interesting because you could be playing nicely within your team but it could be that there are some Mafiosi on your side too who want to get rid of you because they know you’re a threat… The game is also randomly generated every time so the strategy changes with each cycle.

Players can keep playing until one person has been eliminated, or stop when everyone else wants to – this means no more player elimination which makes for good fun while still allowing people quitting out not to feel left behind! You’ll never tire of doing this type of play though since players have different roles and abilities in order to make things interesting.

It’s an incredibly replayable board game due to its randomization system where everything reverts back at the end of each round/day period, meaning no one gets eliminated and everyone has a chance to win.

Mafia Review: Components and Setup

When playing the game, you’ll need a few key components: cardboard tokens and characters which represent players/roles (you can use coins or any other type of token); cards; three small containers for each role to store their respective cards; paper and pencils if needed.

Artwork and Component quality

The Mafia board game has very cool artwork and characters included with each version. It’s important to mention that the components are of good quality as well, made from durable materials which can easily be used without worrying about damage or wear and tear – it is a solid product all around! The only thing you may need to do is buy new tokens for those who don’t have them at home already…but this is pretty cheap if needed!


Mafia is a phenomenal board game that can be enjoyed by all ages. It’s the perfect mix between strategy and conflict, yet it never becomes frustrating or boring because of its randomized gameplay mechanics.

Mafia The Party Game Mafia The Party Game
  • Players of all ages can do it
  • Really fun for big groups of people
Verificar preço

If you do decide to pick up this type of play then Mafia definitely comes highly recommended! This isn’t just good for mafia fans but also those who are new to playing these types of games – it’s that simple to learn how to actually play so don’t hesitate in trying it out if interested. There have been countless reviews about this product praising its simplicity while still offering depth…so why not join them today?

Fácil de jogar
Obras de arte e Componentes
The game is perfect for those wanting to try something new, especially if they like board games. The game’s replayability makes it more enjoyable since there are many different roles and players can keep playing until everyone wins!

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