Unstable Unicorns Review: Is This Game Worth the Splurge?

Unstable Unicorns is a card game that was developed by the creators of Exploderende Kittens. Unstable Unicorns’ review will go in-depth into what makes this game worth the splurge. If you have been thinking about buying this game for yourself or someone else, read on to find out more!

Spelers 2-8
Speeltijd 30-45 minutes
Leeftijd Adult
Included Components Magnetic closure box, 135 cards, 1 rulebook
Fabrikant TeeTurtle
Merk Onstabiele Eenhoorns

What are Unstable Unicorns?

Unstable Unicorns is a card game built for all ages, regardless of whether you are 12 or 72. This game was developed by the same company that brought us Exploding Kittens and this shows in its quality.

The aim of Unstable Unicorns is to get rid of your cards as fast as possible while winning points along the way with special abilities on each character!

There are also ‘Curse’ cards that can mess up someone else’s hand if they land face up before it gets back to you. It might sound complicated but don’t worry; there are lots of helpful videos online that will show how easy it actually is!

Gameplay Overview

This game is definitely worth the splurge! It’s easy to pick up and play, can be played in small groups or large school classes (there are also 54 unique unicorn cards that you won’t find in any other version of this game), and there is a tonne of expansion packs available to add even more fun.


Unstable Unicorns is played with two decks of cards, the main deck, and modifier deck. The game starts with each player drawing up to six unicorn cards into their hand which they must keep secret from others until the end! Decks are shuffled after this point. Players then take turns laying down one card at a time face up to the play area (the table). If you win that round then it’s good news as these go towards your score pile for points but if not then it goes in front of you where everyone can see them – this is called your discard pile.

Het spel winnen

When someone wins by getting rid of all their cards first or runs out of cards completely, players pick back up their discard piles and turn them into their hands. The other players continue until only one player has cards remaining! This is the winner of that round and they receive all points accumulated by everyone else so far, then it’s time for a new game to begin.

Gameplay, complexiteit en herspeelbaarheid

Unstable Unicorns is a great game for all ages because of its ease of play and simple rules. Although it can be used to play large groups, this review recommends playing with only two or three players at a time as you will get the most enjoyment out of doing so! This card game has been designed by many people who have created other popular games such as Exploding Kittens and is incredibly fun to play with a mix of friends in a casual setting.

The Unstable Unicorns card game boasts 54 unique cards which you don’t get in any other version, so this makes it more interesting than similar games out there on the market! This set comes complete with instructions too making it easy for anyone to pick up. There are also expansions available if you want something different from time to time!

Kwaliteit van onderdelen en kunstwerken

The cards themselves are made with good quality material and feel nice in your hands when playing. The set comes with over 100 uniquely illustrated cards all featuring different styles of artwork from many artists. All these come together to make it one cohesive deck, however, everyone’s experience might be slightly different as some people like certain art better than others (no doubt because they like unicorns!).

There is also a deck of modifier cards that can help or hinder your gameplay. In the end, there is also a copy of the instructions if you get stuck!

As for the components, there are 100 cards (with unique artwork), 54 Unicorn Cards (54 unique character abilities) in one deck, and 46 modifier cards. There is also a ‘cheat sheet’ that can be used if you forget what special ability each unicorn has or when to use modifiers!

I’d say this game definitely exceeds expectations when it comes to its quality because it’s built with good materials, plenty of different art styles on the card backs which makes them all look like they fit together even though they’re completely different drawings, and clear instructions included so you have no problems getting started.

Tips for Playing Unstable Unicorns

As with all card games, there are some things you should keep in mind while playing Unstable Unicorns. First off, be sure to get rid of your cards as quickly as possible; this will give you the best chance of winning! Also, try not to let people know what’s in your hand or how many cards you have left because it can make them think twice before playing certain types of modifier cards on you.

Finally, if someone gets close to beating you then don’t worry about trying for one more round just so they lose points instead – sometimes it might be better for everyone else when someone else wins instead!

The trick to winning this game is mastering ‘topdecking or keeping a card that will win the next round. This takes practice and lots of patience as you might have to wait until it’s your turn again but eventually you’ll get there! Also, don’t forget about those modifier cards; they can be used for good or bad so use them wisely!

Unstable Unicorns isn’t perfect though – some people feel like their hand gets too messed up by others with cursed cards and curse modifiers early on in the game which makes it unfair at times. It does also take longer than other games we’ve tried, especially when teaching new players how to play (and top-deck), plus if someone has never played before then they might feel like it’s all over before they even get to do it it anything.

There is also another drawback even though this game plays up to six players, you can only play with four at most because of the decks used (unless you buy more cards). Some people who want a longer-lasting experience may not be able to play as often as they would have wanted for these reasons but it makes sense given the design choices made by those developing Unstable Unicorns so we’ll let them off!

Hoe lang duurt een spel meestal?

The time it takes to play Unstable Unicorns depends on how many people are playing. If you have four players then each game can take up to 30 minutes or more but if there are only two of you, it’s usually done after just 15-20 minutes!

How Long Does a Round Last?

A typical round lasts for about five minutes and is the main reason we chose this as our family card game because everyone gets their turn quickly and doesn’t get bored waiting too much (especially younger kids)! We also like that the rules aren’t complicated at all; even though some other games might be slightly shorter in length they tend to require quite a bit of explanation before starting which isn’t ideal when trying to fit gaming into a busy schedule so this was important for us as well!

How Much Time Does a New Player Need?

A new player would need about 20-30 minutes to understand the rules and play their first round. They will also have to know how many points they should be getting from each card but after just one game, most people figure it out pretty quickly otherwise you can always teach them if needed!

What Age Range Is This Suitable for?

Unstable Unicorns is best suited for ages seven and up because younger kids might not fully grasp some of the concepts involved or do very well dealing with other players who are more experienced at playing games in general which could lead to frustrations (even adults don’t like losing!) On top of that, isn’t much educational value here so it’s really just a fun game to play as you would with any other board or card game.

Voor- en nadelen

The game is easy to pick up and simple to understand. It’s also very enjoyable, especially if you like card games (which I assume most people do). This makes it a perfect family game for all ages!

Some people have said that they can see themselves getting bored after playing several times in one sitting as there are only so many ways to win or lose each round which might make them want something more challenging or complex but then again not everyone likes those kinds of games either…

The game isn’t perfect but nothing is. It does take longer than others we’ve tried and it’s not the most educational thing out there so you might want to get something else for your kids if that was what you were looking for (or just use this as a fun way to spend some time together).

Good quality cards
Fun gameplay
Great for all ages
High-quality components
Might get boring after playing too much of it

Laatste gedachten

Unstable Unicorns is a lot of fun for players who enjoy card games that require strategy rather than luck. Fans of Exploding Kittens will be glad to know it has been developed by the same team so you can expect similar high-quality components along with amazing artwork too!

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Kunstwerk & Componenten
Unstable Unicorns is a great game for all ages and one we've really enjoyed playing so far. It does take longer to play than similar options but it can be worth putting the extra time in because of how much fun everyone gets out of it!

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