Eldritch Horror Review

Eldritch Horror is a game built upon Arkham Horror’s framework, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to some players that the two games might have a ton of similarities in terms of gameplay, mechanics, and components.

Below, we’ll be the Eldritch Horror review to see if it’s worth the buy.

Categories Eldritch Horror
Year Published 2013
Designers Corey Konieczka
Nikki Valens
Number of Players 1-8 (Suggested number of players is 4.)
Playing Time 120 – 240 min
Minimum Age 14+
Complexity Rating 3.32 of 5
Expansion Cities in Ruin
Forsaken Lore
Masks of Nyarlathotep
Mountains of Madness
Signs of Carcosa
Strange Remnants
The Dreamlands
Under the Pyramids
Game Components 1 Game Board
1 Reference Guide
12 Investigator Sheets
4 Ancient One Sheets
122 Encounter Cards
51 Mythos Cards
16 Mystery Cards
14 Artifact Cards
40 Asset Cards
36 Condition Cards
20 Spell Cards
43 Monster Tokens
1 Mystery Token
36 Clue Tokens
4 Rumor Tokens
1 Omen Token
1 Doom Token
9 Gate Tokens
1 Lead Investigator Token
20 Travel Ticket Tokens
30 Improvement Tokens
20 Eldritch Tokens
78 Health and Sanity Tokens
4 Reference Cards
1 Active Expedition Token
4 Dice

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Hunt a Killer Game Review: The Most Impressive Detective Game

If you’ve always been a fan of true crime and want to enter the mind of a real killer, this murder mystery subscription box is exactly what you need to get your blood pumping.

Hunt a Killer is an immersive crime story that slowly unfolds month to month, in a form of a subscription box. You don’t have to be a murder mystery junkie to be able to enjoy this new experience.

Still, for those who are having second thoughts about subscribing and are wondering whether or not it’s worth the cost, this Hunt a Killer review is for you!

Categories Hunt a Killer
Year Founded 2016
Designers/Founders: Ryan Hogan and Derrick Smith
Player Count: 1 + (although we don’t recommend playing with more than 6 members in a team)
Recommended Age: 14+ years
Play Duration: 90 minutes to 3 hours to complete (depending on your skill level)
Cost: Starts at $30 per month*
Main Characteristics:
  • Murder mystery
  • Subscription box
  • Deduction game
  • Detective game
Game Seasons:
  • Empty Faces: The Mine
  • Earth Break: Sci-Fi Mystery Box Set (Season 1&2)
  • Empty Faces The Woods: Paranormal Mystery Box Set
  • Class of ‘98: Mystery Killer Box Set
  • Moon Summit
  • Starstruck: Detective
  • Initiation: Serial Killer Puzzle
  • Hunt a Killer: Blair Witch Season 1
  • Vindication: Murder Mystery
  • Curtain Call (Current Season, 2021)

*Prices as of July 2021.

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Terraforming Mars Review: Simple Gameplay with Complex Strategy

The board game Terraforming Mars takes players on a journey to terraform the red planet into an Earth-like world. The goal of the game is to build up a human colony and stabilize its atmosphere so that humans can live there without pressurized suits. To do this, you must balance energy use with heat production, plant forests for oxygen generation, produce food for your settlers, and more. In this review, we will cover everything from how components are made and what artwork quality looks like to gameplay overview in detail.

Release 2016
Players 1 – 5
Playing Time ~2 hours
Age 12+
Category Economic, Card Game, Science Fiction
Designer Jacob Fryxelius
Artist Isaac Fryxelius
Publishers Stronghold Games, FryxGames

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Dixit Review: A Magical Game of Stories

Dixit merges storytelling with a guessing game for children and adults to enjoy. It turns out that it is hard to play Dixit alone, but also good when played with others. The creativity comes out as people vie for the most interesting story and catchphrases ensue on top of it. That is why the Dixit review is here to tell you the truth about this game!

Release 2008
Players 3 – 6
Playing Time ~30 min
Age 8+
Category Storytelling, Card Game
Designer Jean-Louis Roubira
Artist Marie Cardouat
Publishers Asmodee, Libellud

Overview and Theme

Dixit is a 3-6 player party game designed by Jean-Louis Roubira. It simulates walking through an art exhibit, with players coming up with witticisms or crude humor to enhance their enjoyment of the exhibit.

Each player is dealt a hand of cards depicting odd yet compelling art that they must use to describe other people’s pictures.

Dixit is an easy and entertaining way to participate in a wholesome game of imagination.

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5 Best Terraforming Mars Expansion: Deep Into an Uncharted Territory

Since its release in 2016, Terraforming Mars has amassed a huge following and has been dubbed one of the top board games out on the market right now. It’s the perfect game for any player who enjoys science-based board games.

Best Choice
Terraforming Mars: Prelude
Terraforming Mars: Prelude
Best Terraforming Mars Expansion
Prelude is the best expansion pack, as it brings with it the same excitement of engine building from Terraforming Mars but doesn’t alter the gameplay in any way. It also shortens the game by 30 minutes and provides players with better strategies to move their corporations forward in the game.
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Terraforming Mars has 5 action-packed expansions packs (with even more rumored to be on the way). And although all of them were designed to add more excitement and gameplay to the basic game, it can be difficult to choose which is best for you.

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