Secret Hitler Review: A Game of Social Conscience

Secret Hitler is a social game for six to ten players, created by the creators of Cards Against Humanity. The goal of the game is to be elected Chancellor without being identified as Adolf Hitler or any other Nazi leader. This requires hiding your identity and persuading your fellow players that you are not what you seem, while simultaneously identifying and eliminating those who would expose your true agenda.

Release August 25, 2016
Players 5-10
Playing Time 30–60 minutes
Age 3+
Category Card Game
Brand Secret Hitler
Genre Hidden Identity, Social Deduction
Item Dimensions LxWxH 6.5 x 4.33 x 0.71 inches

Overview and Theme

The theme of the game is a dark one, with players taking on roles as either fascists or liberals. The Fascists must work together to eliminate all the Liberals through any means available before they are identified and eliminated themselves. There can be up to four Liberal players (one more than half), but only three Fascist players (a majority). If the Liberals can identify the Fascist players, they win. If the Fascists can eliminate all of the Liberal players before they are identified, they win.

The game is a lot of fun
The game has a good mix of social deduction and strategy
It can be played with large or small groups
The game is simple to learn
Some players may find the subject matter too dark or disturbing

Mechanics and Rules

Secret Hitler is a social deduction game with elements of hidden roles and bluffing. Each player is randomly given a role card at the beginning of the game, which determines their team (Liberal or Fascist) as well as what actions they are able to take. The fascists must work together to elect one of their own as Chancellor, while the liberals must try to stop them.

Gameplay: Complexity and Replayability

There are a lot of possible roles and actions, so the game has high replayability. However, there is some complexity to it as well, especially for new players who haven’t played similar games before. The first time I tried playing Secret Hitler was with an experienced group of friends that had been playing board games together regularly for years. Even then, it took us three rounds to figure out the mechanics and make sense of what was going on.

Secret Hitler Review: Components and Setup

Secret Hitler is a board game, so the components are all high quality. There are secret role cards for each player to hide their identity from other players, as well as policy and candidate action cards which are randomly dealt out according to specific rules depending on what type of government you have (besides Fascism). The artwork is dark but stylistically pleasing, and the overall game is well put together.

Artwork and Component Quality

I like the artwork, and find it darkly humorous in its use of symbolism. The game is high quality overall, with sturdy cardstock for all parts except the player boards which are made of thick paperboard material.

Bottom Line

Secret Hitler is an intense game of social deduction that will keep you on your toes the whole time. With high replayability and complex mechanics, it’s sure to be a favorite for any group of friends who love board games.

The artwork is dark and stylistically pleasing, and the components are all high quality. I would give Secret Hitler a solid eight out of ten.

Easy to Play
Artwork & Components
If you're looking for a game that will keep you on your toes, Secret Hitler is definitely worth checking out. The theme is dark but the gameplay is intense and enjoyable.

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