How to Play Dixit − Full Guide to Dixit Rules

Each card in your hand holds a story. How that story unfolds is entirely up to you.

Dixit is a popular tabletop game made for 3 to 6 players (or more, if you own any of the Dixit expansions). Designed by artist Jean-Louis Roubira, it’s a card game that everyone of any age can appreciate because of its beauty and its intrigue.

If this is your first time picking up Dixit, no worries — the game is simple and very easy to learn!

Below we’ve made a guide on how to play Dixit to help you get started.

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Dixit Review: A Magical Game of Stories

Dixit merges storytelling with a guessing game for children and adults to enjoy. It turns out that it is hard to play Dixit alone, but also good when played with others. The creativity comes out as people vie for the most interesting story and catchphrases ensue on top of it. That is why the Dixit review is here to tell you the truth about this game!

Release 2008
Players 3 – 6
Playing Time ~30 min
Age 8+
Category Storytelling, Card Game
Designer Jean-Louis Roubira
Artist Marie Cardouat
Publishers Asmodee, Libellud

Overview and Theme

Dixit is a 3-6 player party game designed by Jean-Louis Roubira. It simulates walking through an art exhibit, with players coming up with witticisms or crude humor to enhance their enjoyment of the exhibit.

Each player is dealt a hand of cards depicting odd yet compelling art that they must use to describe other people’s pictures.

Dixit is an easy and entertaining way to participate in a wholesome game of imagination.

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Best Dixit Expansion – Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking for a fun party game to play with your friends, you can never go wrong with Dixit. With its creative artwork and exciting storytelling power, Dixit is one of the most engaging adventure games out in the market, today.

Whether you’re a beginner or someone who’s been playing Dixit for a while, you can add more variety and action to your game by buying an expansion pack for your basic set.

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