Eldritch Horror vs Arkham Horror: Which Is Better?

Everyone has that one board game that’s a classic but nobody has played in a while because a newer, more interesting game had recently entered the market. And such is the case with Arkham Horror.

People know Arkham Horror as the predecessor to Eldritch Horror, being the first game to ever materialize the works of H.P. Lovecraft and turn it into an exciting and mind-racking game of minds.

Around 49027 had their own box of Arkham Horror in 2005.

When Eldritch Horror came along in 2013, however, people placed Arkham on the back burner and proceeded to enjoy the newer H.P. Lovecraft-themed board game.

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Eldritch Horror Review

Eldritch Horror is a game built upon Arkham Horror’s framework, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to some players that the two games might have a ton of similarities in terms of gameplay, mechanics, and components.

Below, we’ll be the Eldritch Horror review to see if it’s worth the buy.

Categories Eldritch Horror
Year Published 2013
Designers Corey Konieczka
Nikki Valens
Number of Players 1-8 (Suggested number of players is 4.)
Playing Time 120 – 240 min
Minimum Age 14+
Complexity Rating 3.32 of 5
Expansion Cities in Ruin
Forsaken Lore
Masks of Nyarlathotep
Mountains of Madness
Signs of Carcosa
Strange Remnants
The Dreamlands
Under the Pyramids
Game Components 1 Game Board
1 Reference Guide
12 Investigator Sheets
4 Ancient One Sheets
122 Encounter Cards
51 Mythos Cards
16 Mystery Cards
14 Artifact Cards
40 Asset Cards
36 Condition Cards
20 Spell Cards
43 Monster Tokens
1 Mystery Token
36 Clue Tokens
4 Rumor Tokens
1 Omen Token
1 Doom Token
9 Gate Tokens
1 Lead Investigator Token
20 Travel Ticket Tokens
30 Improvement Tokens
20 Eldritch Tokens
78 Health and Sanity Tokens
4 Reference Cards
1 Active Expedition Token
4 Dice

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How to Play Eldritch Horror: Rules and Setup the Game

Eldritch Horror is a mysterious and exciting cooperative board game for 2-8 players, where each player is given the role of an investigator working to stop the Ancient One from covering the world in a blanket of darkness, chaos, and dismay.

Players will have to face a series of complicated mysteries, challenges, and threats, which in turn earn them useful trinkets and spells that they may later use to defeat the Ancient One and its army of monsters.

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