Cards Against Humanity’s Bigger, Blacker Box Review: Is It Worth the Hype?

If you’re a fan of the card game Cards Against Humanity, then you’ve probably heard a lot about the new expansion – Bigger, Blacker Box. People seem to love it or hate it, but we wanted to find out what all the fuss was about. So we decided to do a Cards Against Humanity Bigger Blacker Box review of our own. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the contents of the box and see if it’s worth your money.

What Is Cards Against Humanity?

For those of you who don’t know, Cards Against Humanity is a card game that was first released in 2011. It’s basically like Apples to Apples, but with more inappropriate content. The game can be played by anywhere from two to twenty players and is best for ages 17 and up.

The object of the game is to play your cards in a way that will create the funniest or most offensive sentence. There are black cards, which are the question or fill-in-the-blank cards, and white cards, which are the answer cards. Each player takes turns being the judge, and whoever plays the best card wins that round.

Add this hilarious game to your next party or gathering for a fun twist. Keep in mind, though, that this one isn’t suitable for children!

What Is the Bigger, Blacker Box?

The Bigger, Blacker Box is a box that can hold all of Cards Against Humanity and future additions. The original box was redesigned to contain the entire Cards Against Humanity product line.

This is a well-constructed box. It’s clearly made to last. The pack includes enough blank cards to create your own amusing little deck. It’s a wonderful addition to have if you’re tired of juggling a bunch of little boxes when heading out to a bar or having friends over!

Pros And Cons
Durable construction
Foam inserts and plastic dividers included
Does not contain the original game
The box is a bit difficult to store away on a shelf or in a bag

Does the Bigger, Blacker Box Contain the Original Game?

The Bigger, Blacker Box does not contain the original game. It is an empty storage box that can hold all of Cards Against Humanity and future expansions. If you’re expecting a box to keep your cards, this is excellent, but if you’re searching for the game, you’ll be disappointed.

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What Does the Bigger, Blacker Box Contain?

The Cards Against Humanity Bigger Blacker Box includes:

  • 50 blank cards
  • 20-card Box Expansion
  • 2 Hidden cards. The one at the bottom is hidden behind a piece of paper, while the other one is in the lid.

This is a wonderful gift for anybody who enjoys Cards Against Humanity. The authentic box was created to hold your Cards Against Humanity game packs, which is the Bigger Black Box. It’s the enormous empty box with a purpose!

Unpacking And First Impressions

This is the official, tremendous storage case for Cards Against Humanity. It can hold up to 2,500 cards, making it perfect for storing and transporting your game set. With its durable construction and stylish design, this case is sure to impress everyone at your next game night.

The box is constructed of a high-quality stock that feels sturdier than the one used for the original set. This is, in fact, a significant improvement from the paper-thin boxes that were previously employed for expansions.

The dimensions of the box are 15″ long, 8 1/4″ wide, and 4″ deep. It’s a big, rectangular shape that might be difficult to store away on a shelf or in a bag, but it’s an acceptable trade-off if you want one container to hold up to 2,500 cards.


This box is perfect for storing your cards and expansions, with plenty of extra room to spare. It’s not really empty on the inside. You’ll get five foam inserts, each of which is about the size of a standard Cards Against Humanity expansion. There is also a number of plastic dividers included, so you can sort the cards however you like.

This set gives you plenty of room to express yourself. With 40 blank white cards and 10 blank black ones, you can make your own cards for any occasion. This expansion pack also features 20 all-new cards that are sure to add some extra fun and excitement to your games.

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If you’re searching for a large box with the Cards Against Humanity logo on it and have plenty of cash to spend, the Bigger, Blacker Box is worth considering. We like the convenience of having everything in one location for years to come, in an officially branded box.

However, if you only want a large box and don’t mind what it looks like, you can buy generic trading card boxes that hold the same amount for a lot less money.

For those fans who want to complete their collection, there’s no way they’ll be disappointed, but for everyone else with a storage issue, this probably isn’t the best option.

Value for money
The Bigger, Blacker Box is an excellent addition for anyone who owns Cards Against Humanity. It's well-constructed, durable and stylish. If you're looking for a way to store your cards, this is the perfect option!

People Also Ask

Why is it $20 just for an empty box?
What material is the box made of?
Does it fit the main game and all the expansions?
Can the dividers be removed?

Final Words

This storage case can hold up to 2,500 cards, so you’ll have plenty of space to keep your game collection organized. Plus, the Bigger Blacker Box is made from sturdy materials and features a cool design, making it the perfect addition to any gaming collection.

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